Persuasive Essay On Yoga

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Nowadays we can see yoga in everywhere in foreign countries, but in Arab countries we rarely can see it. There are lots of schools that teaches yoga everywhere. According to the statistic of 2008 by “American Journal” in America, they said that numbers of people who are practicing yoga in America had boomed up nearly to 30% in the last 4 years. They became approximately 15.8 million participations, and their latest study showed 20.4 million participations till now. (http//, 2012). Not only public schools that teach yoga, also we can learn it from yoga online free classes and published books. Yoga nowadays has been published furthermore. Even though, the number of Arabian participations still unknown\ inaccurate. People are practicing yoga for its benefits. Yoga’s benefits are unaccountable. All of us believe that yoga is an incredible sport that we use to balance our minds, bodies and life. It’s a disciplined method for achieving your goals. Yoga effects on your health can be noticed in sleeping better, getting fewer colds or in other words you will be free of…show more content…
First one is Bodytree studio- main studio in Corniche and in another location, so that people from different places in Abu Dhabi can join them. But the thing which explains why our product is better that this studio is that they don’t work each day and that it’s mixed. This is a serious problem in our culture if a woman wants to join them. On the other hand, Sharjah Yoga Meditation, might give a free classes for a session but it’s far away from people who are working in Abu Dhabi, Dubai ..etc, or even for those who have a new shift in working hours each week, such as people who work in banks or hospitals. Also, scholars and students in universities won’t join this classes because of time conflicts. Those can be considered as our competitors
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