Exemplification Essay: The Role Of Youth In Politics

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When people think of youth in politics, popular images of protest groups such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter arise. It has been seen at countless rallies, whether they be in protest of police violence, the presidential election, women 's rights, etc., that the youth, being people between the ages of eighteen to thirty, make up a very prominent part of the demographic and voice of the movements. The youth appear to be involved in politics more than ever before. In fact, Project Public Life, a live study and education tool set up at the University of Minnesota put teens in a situation where they had to work with others whom they may not have liked or agreed with, and the results showed that teens respond very well with problem solving (“Turning”…show more content…
It is just as easy for a media source to tell lies as it is for a single person. Several years ago, in 2003, the United States was led to believe that the Iraqi government was developing weapons of mass destruction, where no such thing has been found. The information was provided by the Secretary of State Colin Powell (Einstein and Hochschild 587). That is an example of how even government officials can lie or provide inaccurate information, be it an extreme example that led to violence throughout the middle east, it is still an example of how misinformation from just a few people in power can mean the death of many. Just because a media source is at the top of its rankings does not mean that it is the most credible. It may be able to persuade the minds of the many, or it may report on the earliest information it can get its hands on, whether such information is credible or not. Many people believe that vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella can cause autism in young children despite the consensus of doctors and scientists that argues
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