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Through time, zoos have been a great place to go see some of your favorite animals. But let me ask you, would you like to be stuck in a cage all day with nothing to do and no space to walk around? I’m guessing your answer is no, then why should animals have to be cooped up in an enclosed cage all day everyday? Animals need room to climb, run, and roam. When an animal is enclosed it tends to have a change in behavior for example, Polar Bears have been observed swimming in circles. Big cats have been seen endlessly pacing. And Parrots have groomed themselves until they have no feathers left.

Yes animals in zoos are well fed and protected from predators although, zoos cater to what people want to see. That usually means something large, charismatic, or
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So they can hunt and eat a natural, varied diet. It has been shown that in the wild, animals interact with other species of of animals which promotes natural behaviors. Also many animals are a part of a social group or live in communities.

We do need to realize that some situations we see are not the best environment for the animals they are planning to see. However, critics of the modern zoo compare the zoo to a prison. There are benefits to having zoos, but there are still negative impacts on animal’s lives. When animals are not behaving as they normally would in the wild, visitors are not observing natural behaviors.

Now, like I’ve stated before would you like to be stuck in an enclosed area with nothing to do and no room to walk around? I’m hoping your answer is still no. Animals need room to roam, fly, and swim. They need room to live a healthy life. Perhaps the best way to help animals is to protect them in zoos for a short time and release them back into nature while they are still wild

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