Responsibility Of Organ Donation Essay

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Did you know that one organ donor can save 8 lives? On average 20 people die waiting for an organ transplant every day. One person is added to the Organ transplant list every 10 minutes. Roughly 95 transplants take place every single day. There are about 15,000 organ transplants every year in the United States alone. But why are so many people dying every day? Aren 't there plenty of donors,? Not at all. Organs are in short supply, many people think they’re a donor but they really are not. With the opioid epidemic there is an increase in unusable organs. So many people are not very uncomfortable thinking about surgeons cutting you open and getting organs out of your body, but honestly you don’t need them after you die. Imagine the 8 live you can save with one simple act of kindness after you leave this world. On your driver 's license do you see that red heart that can change so many lives? Well, are you a Donor? Citizens have a moral responsibility to be organ donors due to the many lives saved every year.

In order to be a donor you must be 18 years of age. live donors should not
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I feel with some funding we could find cures for these diseases because everyone should donate or become a donor. I also feel the government not funding the labs and doctors so these breakthroughs can happen and more and more people are dying because of it. The government also needs to help raise awareness for organ donation and encourage people to become a donor. Because one donation saves 8 lives think about the number of people that are on the waiting list for a transplant. What if every person was able to become a donor? What if everyone became a donor and there was no such thing as a transplant waiting list? What an impact it would have on so many people it would be a lot easier and happier planet to live in wouldn 't it? With funding and awareness together we could save a lot of

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