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People have been fishing since the beginning of time, and right know that is being threatend because of over fishing. I am a big fan of seafood and so are millions upon millions of other people. The problem is that people fail to realize the problems caused by over fishing because they only have to drive a short distance to a store, buy their fish, and go about their daily lives. They are unaware of the damage that fishermen are causing to the oceans around the world. Especially the Atlantic ocean The Atlantic ocean is struggling right now in terms of it's wild life. People have been over fishing this area since the early 1800's and they continue to do so today. There are many charity's and outreaches fighting to keep this ocean alive but they can't do it without…show more content…
The first of the three is called cyanide fishing. The name is pretty self explanatory. Basically what he fisher men do is dump sodium cyanide near some fish,stunning them and making them very easy to catch without killing them. The only problem with this method, is that for every fish caught using cyanide about one square meter of coral reef is killed. Leaving countless fish without a place for shelter. The second one is also pretty self explanatory. It is called dynamite fishing. Fisher men set charges under water then they blow them. All of the fish then float up to the top dead and are netted in for profit. Last but not least is host fishing. Ghost fishing occurs when fisher men lose fishing equipment in the water. The left behind equipment can then catch fish. Therefore the fish die. Not only does fishing equipment cause these deaths, but so does trash. I live in Ghana which happens to be on the Atlantic ocean. The people here dump their trash in the Atlantic ocean. So many of time what happens is fish get all caught up in the peoples mess, and they die as a

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