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Overfishing is a common thing today and people don’t look at it that much because they think it’s not important but it really is. To this amount of dying fish in the ocean you must reduce the amount of fishing boats that comes in to kill these amazing fish. Another problem that needs to be reduce is the amount of sport fishing if you do that it will be able to increase the amount of fish to live and might start new ones. last make the laws for fishing more strict because too many people don’t really look at that at all and that is just for the United States Of America it's probably worse in other countries.
Most boats are coming with big nets and when they come they they have big amounts of fishing supplies to catch fish. One problem with that
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When we sport fish we are killing fish for fun. One big problem today is commercial fishing, commercial fishing is taking a lot of fish away today the problem with it is that the people that live in a year round fishing area loose a lot of fish with that the people can’t fish anymore or have to sell and leave. To stop this we must reduce the amount of how many people fish and Make laws more intense which that will take me to the last area where I will talk about making fishing laws more stronger. But the last thing is that some of the fish in that area can go extinct. The last thing is that we need to make laws more strict to help from people trying to cheat the fishing way. One big law, we need is the size amount of fishing because some people will take fish that aren’t even the right size and they also don’t measure it. Another law that we need to have is that we need to be able to check the boats for drugs or illegal fishing. Last we need to make Fishing camps for people to fish in and not have areas where there are people that can get endangered fish and make them extinct. So in conclusion to Overfishing there is multiply ways to stop from boats to sports to laws each one has something bad in it or need to be enforced and that is how we will help our earth and animals in

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