Friends Fuever Ad Analysis

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The “Friends Furever” ad for Android: Emotional or rational
Georges Desliens
University of the People

With our greater understanding, measuring advertising effects is vital to enhance the profitability of a product or a service toward the global market. Furthermore, given the amount money spent on advertising, it is surprising how little effort is spent assessing whether it is meeting the stated objectives (Winner, 2008). Knowingly, advertising on the internet is a relatively new phenomenon in marketing. Ultimately, the goal is to get customers and potential customers to a website where they can learn more about the company and its products—and vice versa. As an essence, the “Friends Furever” ad, a cute commercial
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Would you consider “Friends Furever” to be an emotional or rational ad? Why?
Accordingly, two common marketing technique a business may use in efforts to convince consumers to make a purchase are rational and emotional appeal. By all means, when the advertiser uses rational appeal, it is also appealing to the consumer 's logic, persuading the consumer to choose the result it desires. On the other hand, advertisers also appeal to fear, empathy, sympathy, happiness and other human emotions. Although many advertisements use a combination of both types of appeal; however, the “Friends Furever” ad for Android would consider to be emotional. Because “Friends Furever” ends up depicting some surprising animal friendships has attracted 6,432,921 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere since its launch in February. Obviously, by nature, human beings are emotional creatures that are more inclined to pay attention to a catchy radio advertisement than one that is bland, or a caring and compassionate-sounding announcer than one who sounds matter-of-fact, Orwig asserts (M. n.d.).
2. Who do you think is the target audience for the ad? --It has gone “viral,” i.e., so many people have wanted to share
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Everybody wants to share the video with the cat letting the dog outside, the baby goats jumping on the horse’s back, or the orangutan hanging out with his best puppy pal.

3. Why do you think it has gone “viral,” i.e., so many people have wanted to share it?
Emotions are key to standing out in a crowded marketplace; by eliciting a reaction and triggering an emotion, the consumer will be engaged (Stokes,216). I think that so many people have wanted to share the “Friends Furever” ad for Android because of the social interaction of the unlikely animals throughout the video. Quickly and emotionally, people have learned that friendship is the key bring them together and create a world of
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