Pros And Cons Of Permitting School Uniforms

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Permitting School Uniforms Permitting school uniforms has been a controversial issue for the past decade. Nowadays, most schools require students to wear uniforms as a form of unity and an identity creation for the school’s name; it first happened in England amongst boarding schools, and it spread all around the world afterwards (History of School Uniforms). It has affected a lot of children negatively by degrading their development from childhood to adulthood; it also affects the child’s. Despite these drawbacks, some people believe that setting rules to wear matching clothing amongst students is a way of forcing discipline. School uniforms should be permitted because it degrades to a person’s development, and it affects his self-image negatively. Selecting a child’s apparel on behalf of him can have an impact on his maturation process. As a person is growing up, he earns his own freedom by making his own choices. When a school forces a growing child to wear a…show more content…
Selecting the child’s attire on behalf of him is like making decisions on behalf of him, which means that it is limiting the child’s self-expression; and this results in having a grown up who’s not able to make his own decisions. Moreover, school uniforms are not appealing and may not suit everyone, which is the reason why students start comparing themselves to others and loathing their appearances which leads to self-image issues. Some believe that school uniforms are a form of forcing control over students, as well as making them look and work as a unit. However, forcing a particular attire on students does not mean that they will not disobey rules, because children will keep trying to express and show their identity through their appearance, they also will compare themselves to others and envy others for not looking as good as they do, which leads to hatred and
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