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Did you know that pets can improve your mental and physical health? Pets have been man’s best friend since the beginning of time because they make us happier. It is no surprise that more than half of the population owns a dog or cat. Not only are animals used to help disabled people, but most hospitals have therapy dog programs. Alan Beck, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University, says,“It used to be one of the great no-no’s to think of an animal in a hospital. Now, I don’t know of any major children’s hospital that doesn’t have at least some kind of animal program.” Generally, people love pets, but why? Maybe it is because they are always there for us, or because they love us no matter what, but are there scientific reasons why pets are good for us? My answer, is yes. According to research, scientists, along with everyday people, agree that pets are amazing companions, and may even improve your social skills and overall health. Most people adopt pets because they want a friend they can always count on, but can pets help you with not-so-furry friends? People who own dogs generally walk them, or take them to a dog park to give them some dog to dog interaction. Not only are dogs social at dog parks, but people are, too. Possibly, you will only know someone as a pet’s owner, but these relationships could develop into something deeper. Recent studies have shown that pet owners are 40% more likely to get social support from people they meet through

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