Persuasive Essay Pro Death Penalty

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Have you ever wondered if the person right next to you is a serial killer or a rapist? If he or she is what would you want to happen to them if they had killed or raped someone you know? He should receive the maximum punishment! Murderers and rapists should be punished for the crimes they have committed and should pay the price for what they did wrong. Having the death penalty in our society is humane it helps with the overcrowding problem and gives a feeling of alleviation to the families who had to go through the hardship of losing a loved one. The death penalty is meant to deter would-be criminals from committing felonies, But does the death penalty actually stop people from committing crimes and murder? this question is in the main focus of most political arguments over this topic. Some…show more content…
It cost taxpayers $90,000 to maintain one death row inmate. There are more then 2,418,352 inmates in the United States. Of those 2,418,352 only 159,000 are facing life in prison and more then 50,000 of those inmates are facing life without chance of parole. One problem the death penalty helps deal with is over crowding of prisons. Prisons would be over crowded because they are built to hold a certain number or inmates if too many inmates were put together in one place there would be an increase in fights and other problems among inmates in prison now. In the 36 states, the Federal Government, and U.S. Military that currently have death penalty statutes, five different methods of execution are prescribed: Lethal Injection, Electrocution, Lethal Gas, Firing Squad, and Hanging. All jurisdictions provide for execution by lethal injection. 16 jurisdictions provide for alternative methods of execution, contingent upon the choice of the inmate, the date of the execution or sentence, or the possibility of the method being held
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