Keeping Our Planet Clean

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Have you ever thought something was impossible. Well there are many things that you might think are impossible ,but that really are not. For example many people think that keeping our planet clean is impossible ,but it really is not. Well keeping the our planet clean and healthy is really important you can help by recycling things instead of just throwing them away or throwing them on the grass or sand. When you get home you want to see a pretty house not a house filled with trash in the front yard from where people that walk by throw. That is what other people feel when they see you or any other person throw trash in the city or in any other place. There can also be other ways to prevent from pollution ,but recycling it one of the best ways to prevent it. There are many other reasons why recycling is truly effective for our planet. If people would just start recycling there would not be so much pollution in our planet ,but still today people keep polluting our planet because they do not care. If people would take care of our planet by recycling then there would not be so much pollution in our beaches and oceans. Recycling is good for our planet because instead of trash…show more content…
It states that the planners were short of there goal ,but that it was still an improvement compared to previous Olympics. The passage also states that over seventy percent of the eight thousand tons of waste generated during the games was recycled. Also it states that newly built facilities were extremely energy efficient ,resulting in less pollution from power plants that generated their electricity. If you would recycle instead of producing pollution you would clean up our planet ,but also animals homes. If you throw trash any where than you are producing pollution in two ways. First way you
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