Persuasive Essay: Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?

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Should Animal Testing be Allowed?
Animal testing has been a controversial issue for a long time now.Whether or not animal testing is humane or not, both sides of the argument are hard to choose from . On one hand you have the possibility of curing diseases, saving lives, and helping the human race. On the other hand you have the lives of many innocent animals who are being injected, probed, caged and mistreated for just facts.Whether this is morally right or wrong, I will present both sides of the argument as well as my opinion.
PROS OF ANIMAL TESTING Nearly every nobel Laureate in physiology or medicine since 1901 has relied on animal research. Animal testing has decreased heavily over the years, with not very necessary things like makeup. Without animal testing we wouldn't have the many of the surgerys that we can today such as hip replacement surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants, or blood transfusions. Modern anesthetics, the tetanus vaccine, penicillin and insulin all relied on animal research in their development.97% of the UK research is done on mice, rats, fish and birds. And they all follow the regulations of state.

CONS OF ANIMAL TESTING Pain, loneliness, and suffering, that is all these animals feel when they are forced to have experiments done on them. Animal testing has drastically changed over the past couple of years. The number of animals has have
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We have to be the voice that will be heard. We have to be the advocates they never had. Animal testing is not only wrong for morals but humanly wrong. Yes we get advantages, but what price does that come with? Are we going to go as far as putting animal in extinction for our own benefit. There are other ways to go. Some countries have even prohibited makeup animal testing. I think this is a huge step and only taking us the next step which is closer to banning animal
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