Persuasive Essay: Should MLB Players Get Paid

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How much do professional athletes actually make? NFL player salaries may vary from player to player but the still make way more then they should. MLB players may not get paid the same as NFL players but they still get paid more then they should. Finally NBA players usually get paid more than any other professional athletes so yes, they get paid more than they should.
NFL players make way more than they should. Doctors make around 400,000 dollars and that 's just the average Doctor the other doctors may make around 400,000-1 million and NFL players make about two times that amount. A rookie contract at the beginning of their career is in the low 425,000 dollars. A player that has been in the NFL for at least 5 years makes around 1-2 million dollars per year and that 's not including signing bonuses and other incentives. Players that have been around longer may even get paid less than a player who is going into their fifth season. The amount of money a player makes in the NFL also depends on how productive they are on the football field. The highest paid
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When it comes to the MLB which there isn 't much contact in the sport. The MLB players still get paid way more then they should. The average MLB player makes around $1 million per year. It may not seem like much but the longer they are in the league the more likely they are to make more money. When it comes to injuries baseball players rarely get injured when they play. When they do get injured and they still pay for it but it barely makes a dent in their wallet. MLB can me around 5 million if they play for 5 seasons or more but like for a pitcher their MLB career won 't last that long because of the wear and tear of throwing a baseball around 100 times per game. A lot of people say that baseball players shouldn 't get paid as much as they do for just catching, throwing and hitting the ball. The highest paid player in the MLB is around 12 million dollars just to catch, throw and hit a small round ball called a

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