Persuasive Essay: Should Minor Be Tried As Adult In Crimes

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Theme: Minor and punishment Topic: Should minor (under 18 years of age) be trial as adult in crimes General purpose: to persuade the audience Specific purpose: To persuade the audience that minor should not be tried as adult Central idea: Minor should not tried as adult because ]they are prone to commit more crimes and they cannot survive in the environment and the solution is to not try minor as adults Introduction: As a kid we tend to be immature and we look back at our past and think about our actions and why we shouldn’t have done that. But some kids aren’t as lucky. Some kids are put into prisons with adults for actions that they might have thought was cool or through peer pressure. Children as young as 13 are sent into adult prison…show more content…
Minor will usually commit more crimes after being release A. The chances of committing more crimes if minor is put into adult prison is higher a. In adult prison they will meet adults who has connections making them make new criminal friends therefore increasing the chances of b. 34% more chance of being rearrested than if sentence to a juvenile prison Transition: Now after identifying the problem lets discuss about the solution I. The main solution is to stop minors being tried as adults A. The solution is to help the minor instead of punishing them a. Minors should be given and taught the basic life and social skills after being release from prison Transition: Lastly minor should not be tried as adults instead they should be tried as minor and given proper care to stop the crimes. Conclusion: In conclusion I think that minors should not be tried as adults because they will not survive in and adult prison and they will commit more crimes if they are put into adult prison. So the solution is to help them recover and become a better person in society instead of punishing
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