Persuasive Essay: Should Pitbulls Be Banned?

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How many people own a pit bull breed dog? I have owned pit bulls for over 13 years and I learned a lesson from a dog I owned. Her name was Precious. She was a outside guard dog and loved children. She became family the day my husband brought her home. My daughters adored her and let her sleep in their rooms. Precious never bit my daughters nor did she ever bite my neighbors. She barked and growled but she never hurt a soul. Most people I know believe that pit bull breeds should be banned and that they are just trained to fight. Should pit bull breeds be banned? Should they be classified as the number one top dangerous dog breeds?

I do not agree with the statement ‘Should pit bull breeds be banned’, in fact, I think the ban in most states like Arkansas even New Mexico should be lifted. People assume that pits are dangerous because they have a locking jaw; however, this is just a myth. ( Pits have the same jaw features as any other dog does. Also, people argue with me about them being “just fight dogs”. There are documents that say
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There are many myths that people can’t support against this, however statistics do not lie. Pit bulls have caused 2235 counts of bodily harm and have 911 child victims ( Animal shelters run a temperament test which tests how aggressive a pit bull or any kind of dog is. only 20% of pit bulls have not passed this temperament test. Should people still consider them aggressive and dangerous? The only time people should consider a pit bull breed dangerous is if it is growling at them and it's abandoned. People fight pits and they just drop them off, thinking they will just starve and go peacefully; however, that’s not the case. Because people fight and train dogs to be mean continuously, pit bull breeds will not get the name they should

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