Recycling Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Recycling should be mandatory, when it comes to recycling there are plenty of reasons to recycle. The first reason why recycling should be mandatory is because of the landfills, for we have long stored our waist, are starting overflow. It is believed that Americans can make up to 4.3 pounds of trash per day. With this much waste, the landfills are becoming a chaos. Landfills overflowing can cause damage to the surrounding area. The land and water could become polluted. Also animals could easily wonder into landfills are eat something dangerous, or get trapped by some of the waist. This could kill the animals in the area. Another reason why landfills are damaging the environment is that much of the waste in landfills is dumped into the ocean or lakes. This waste pollutes water supply for many areas, destroys beaches and kills of wildlife. ( Gottschling, 2016) Incinerators are not an alternative to landfills, contrary to what many believe. Many waist collectors burn the waste in incinerators. The incinerators do remove the waste but it replaces it with toxins and smoke. The toxins and smoke can kill off the environment and become harmful to animals and humans. The smoke can later develop into smog, causing lung problems…show more content…
Many people do not recycle because it’s inconvenient. People may simply not have the time or space to recycle. People believe it requires too much effort and space, and some even do not have a place to put their recyclables. Others may not recycle because they feel it does not make a difference to the environment. Landfills are still overflowing, and resources are still being taken from the surface of Earth. What they do not realize is it is because people do not recycle, and even if we do it reduces it to save the resources. Resources will still be taken, but recycling will decrease the need for taking these resources, meaning they can be saved for future use.

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