Persuasive Essay: The Banning Of Sports In Schools

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Sports in school can be dangerous and exciting. They could give you thrills and excitement or stress and misery. The question is should schools cancel sports, I think, yes. Sports should be canceled because of financial, academic, and health reasons. Sports have brought many injuries, budget issues and grade loss to schools, the only way to fix this problem is to cut school sports. First off, schools don’t earn that much money, they have to spend it on bills, new supplies for students, and problems that occur with the chromebooks, bathrooms, heaters, air conditioning, etc.Schools need to budget according to their priorities. If they spend the money on athletics, there is less for the school 's needs. According to Tyler Carter, “Right now with the block grants I just don’t see that being proper funding for schools,” said Janet Cathcart. The school is wasting so much…show more content…
According to Tucker, a lot of the coaches use their sporting events to teach their kids math, science, especially, when they 're learning their playbook. There 's a lot of education that is involved in sports. You don 't just get out there and play. You have to learn your craft, just like a doctor has to learn his craft or a lawyer has to learn his craft. An athlete has to learn their craft. So I think, sometimes, we don 't highlight the education that is in sports. In conclusion, sports should be banned from schools because of financial reasons, academic reasons, and student’s health. School’s don’t have any money to pay for sports, how will it pay for the school itself. Most kids only care about sports, they don’t care about their learning and grades. Also, Many kids have died or had bad injuries that weren’t fixable because of sports. Why would you cause more deaths and injury, when you could ban sports which will gain more safety for students. That is why I think sports should be
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