Persuasive Essay: Should School Creating Sports In School?

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Sports in school can be dangerous and exciting. They could give you thrills and excitement or stress and misery. The question is should schools cancel sports, I think, yes. Sports should be canceled because of financial, academic, and health reasons. Sports have brought many injuries, budget issues and grade loss to schools, the only way to fix this problem is to cut school sports. First off, schools don’t earn that much money, they have to spend it on bills, new supplies for students, and problems that occur with the chromebooks, bathrooms, heaters, air conditioning, etc.Schools need to budget according to their priorities. If they spend the money on athletics, there is less for the school 's needs. According to Tyler Carter, “Right now with the block grants I just don’t see that being proper funding for schools,” said Janet Cathcart. The school is wasting so much money, that they might not have enough to provide for the school. What good is a school, if you can’t dispense for it. If they cut sports, then the school will have enough money to buy better technology, supplies and new equipment for the gym. According to Ripley, a superintendent sat down and actually added up the cost, financial and actually mental, of sports. And he found that they were spending, in this little tiny town, $1,300 per football player each season and $618 per math student. School is spending so much money for kids who do sports than classrooms and education. What’s more important, an education

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