Persuasive Essay: Should School Day Start Later?

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Should the school day start later? What if you could sleep in every morning and you got to go to school later in the afternoon, or at 11 or 12? I personally would not like that. Some people would disagree with me. As you keep reading you will learn why I think we should not have school later than it already is. Mine starts at 8:30 but, I would rather go earlier so I can have more free time at the end of the day than in the morning. I am on the con side of Should the school day start later. We shouldn’t have school earlier because if you have after school sports, then because you can’t play sports in the morning, then you would be tired and my practice is already going from 6:30 to 8 so it can’t much go any later. In the article it says parents of athletes would have to adjust to students arriving later in the evening.” but I can’t go any later. Another reason is you may think that kids should have better sleep because it helps them concentrate on their work more than falling asleep. Well then they should not stay up on their devices all night and go to sleep when their parents tell them. Some of this responsibility are the parents to, because they're the ones that have to take away those devices if your child is in first grade. when they're supposed to. In the article it says, “When kids go to bed, make sure phones won’t be buzzing…show more content…
Also in the article it says “The research shows, for example, that middle- and high-school benefit more from sleeping late than younger students.” This is saying maybe middle school and up is good to go to sleep later at night. So maybe they can let the little kids (elementary schools) should go to school later, because there practices won’t be as long; however, I still think that we should stay the same time. Also like I said your parents probably go early in the morning and don’t come back till the
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