Persuasive Essay: Should The Drinking Age Be Changed?

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Not only has lowering the drinking age lowered to death rates but its also changed to lives of many. The legal drinking age should not be lowered because of all the aspects that its has already improved. There is no point in fixing something that isn't broke. Changing the legal drinking age should not be changed because it doesn't lower binge drinking, it helps with traffic deaths, and also lowers other acts of risky behaviors. One of the points that has been clearly stated is binge drinking and how if its was legal then people such as college students wouldn’t be faced with the temptations of it, but binge drinking was a problem before the legal drinking age was changed to twenty-one (Deguits 3). “About forty percent of college study found that students that reported that they are ‘drinking to get drunk’ Perhaps the discussion that needs to occur is one of why college student feel a need to get drunk.” Binge drinking has became more and more popular throughout the campus but there is no proof that changing the age for 21 to 18 will make that number decrease (Deguits 3). It is also stated that just because of the higher drinking age it doesn't stop all the under aged people from drinking (“Fed: Lifting”). Another impact that has shown a dramatic change for the better is the number of traffic deaths after the age was raised to twenty-one. It…show more content…
They are concerned about the anti-social behavior that comes with drinking and the abouse that comes with it. Its not only a concern for people that are the ages of eighteen to twenty-one but everyone (“fed: Lifting”). Its states that, “drinking is a privilege; not a right” and with that we should all learn the responsibility that comes behind it (Tamura). Finally the member of MADD have cried to everyones to show the pain of losing their family to alcohol related traffic deaths (Hoover). What if it was you? Be
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