Should The Internet Protect Children

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The Internet should carefully protect children Everyone wants his or her children to succeed. We teach our child 's behaviors to protect them from dangers on the internet . For example, we advise them not to open the door of the house if it’s the knocking unknown to them .In the case of answering the phone by confirming the caller and not give him personal or detailed information about people in the house .Today, we have beaten many of the previous precautions concerning the protection of our children from the internet so they might be safe . Not only that, but we have opened a wide window in our homes wide, leaving the opportunity for strangers to tamper with the lives of our children and their future and interfere in the privacy of our…show more content…
For example when the family takes care for their kids, they will notice a positive impact such as when the parents choose what their kids open in their devices like something might help them to improve in their school .Therefor, this is positive impact and change for their life. Also the chance of children falling into error might be less such as some children want someone to take care of them and listen to them. The parents should do this, but if they don’t some people might talk with a girl and then will make this girl change in a harmful way, it is understandable why people believe that the parents should take care for their kids because some children at twelve start smoking or some strange people send to them inappropriate content. However, this might effect in the child 's life in a negative way because maybe few of strange people teach them these negative things. Parents should place the computer in a visible place at home to watch what their kids look in their devices , also they should organize the child 's time for the Internet or choose what should the children watch like, Educational programs or Entertainment Applications
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