Persuasive Essay: Should We Have Universal Health Care?

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Health care is the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services.Don 't you believe that this is a right and dignity of all people should be able to have.Your body should be taken care of no matter the gender,race,health,or social economic back ground it is a right.Health care deserves to be able to be taken care of. I believe that universal health care for everyone is very important it will benefit people from the richest to the poorest.The people in America deserves that right to have health care. Insurance based health care should be taken away because not everyone is able to afford the premiums.Health care now states that basically that if you have no health care than you are not able to get any check ups.How can you feel if you can 't afford insurance and you have to make a choice?Some people cannot even afford food on the table so how can they afford insurance?I do not believe that people should not be financially responsible for getting help when they need it the most.The people of this world have a hard time realizing the sense of it?People in this world worry about day to day expenses so how can they survive in this world? It would really be a human…show more content…
Health care for everyone is able to give people time out of the financial debt if they have no insurance.When you have no insurance you have to pay out of pocket for all doctor visits and also you might be rejected medical help.So when there is everyone on one page with health care you are able to have your finances in tack a little more also if it becomes more inexpensive for the people.Don 't you think that your body is worth the try?The government makes millions dollars of the medical industry weather prescription drugs,insurance companies,and doctor visits.When everyone is the same that means the government would have to set one set prices for everyone to be able to survive financially in it and not everyone is able to go into
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