Persuasive Essay: Should We Replace Animal Testing?

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“For many, animal testing invokes an image of some large cosmetic company applying undeveloped products to unsuspecting creatures, regardless of the consequences” (Sun 83). This accusation is a misconception for animal testing in present day. In fact, new cosmetic products remain prohibited from being tested on animals; animals today continue to be tested on to find cures and vaccines to life 's diseases. Therefore, animal drug testing is a tragic necessity to assess theories, to accomplish scientific research for the health of humans and animals alike.
Increasingly, studies show that:
Adverse drug reactions kill more than 10,000 people a year in the U.K. (and more than 100,000 in the U.S.) These outrageous numbers fail reassure us that all drugs undergo testing on animals to ensure human safety. Many studies published in the scientific literature company drug side effects in humans and animals have found animal tests to be less predictive than tossing a coin. (Archibald 14)
Therefore, it is inevitable at this point in time, that humans are the ultimate
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These substitutions are meant to replace animal testing, however, fail to provide as much information as animal testing. Basically, tissue culture is a process where scientists confiscate live tissue from a human or animal, and test the chemical on the tissue. The problem with this form of testing is that it only shows the reactions of that group of tissues. Therefore, tissue culture tests fail to provide full body reactions. However, computer models are where scientists operate a computer program to test a chemical. However, the information that scientists enter is limited to past experiences and assumptions. Furthermore, the reactions are the same every time the chemical is modeled considering the input is the same every time. Also, computer modeling neglects to show how a living body would react to the
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