Persuasive Essay: Should We Stop Testing On Animals?

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Johnny Depp stated, If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures. Animals are good to have around because they are entertaining to watch and play with. Animals are also good for getting rid of the bad thing that come into our world like the bad bugs. Animals are even used to test products such as shampoo ,medicine, and perfume. So therefore, Animal testing should not occur because it is hurting the animals and making them go extinct. Animals testing is torture and bad so we should stop testing on animals . Animal testing is mean and dangerous to the animals being tested on.One example is they were trying to test different shampoos to see if any of them burned their eyes. To do this they hold them up by there feet with clips to test the shampoos. They don’t get feed or taken care of. Another reason we should not test on animals is because we wouldn’t like it if they were testing on us so why would we put them through that.Another choice for testing procedures now exist so we don’t just have to use animals. One example is a human cell that can be tested on . Another example would be…show more content…
People say that if u test on the animals nobody would care if they died. The also say that it won’t harm the animals but it really does. Some people also say that animal testing is bad because of the danger you are putting the animals in. The animals are going extinct because of the testing. In conclusion, animal testing should not be allowed because it is torture. It is also very dangerous to do on the animals because we never know what could go wrong with the testing. Another reason we should not have animal testing is because of the danger we are putting ourselves through . So let 's not test on animals. So if you see a violent picture towards an animal don’t just sit there do something about
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