Persuasive Essay: Should We Stop Treading On Them?

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American’s always say “don 't tread on me” but should we stop treading on them? Our nation is in debt by millions of dollars due to paying for supplies and other things less important than things such as our children 's education. The troops overseas may be at more risk because of diseases than they are with bullets. In addition, Our nation’s security would be improved with people fighting here, we don 't send our police to one place if the threat is in another. They say our nation is in trouble with our security, although are are we in so much trouble we need to keep our troops overseas, costing our nation’s debt and our troops health. One reason why our military should end their overseas operations is because our government and citizens have spent too much of their money on things that we should be using for other, more important things. Taxpayers have spent more than $454 billion on the war in Afghanistan. That is enough to pay for the president’s jobs plan. (Haugen, David M). Our taxes should go towards schools,teachers or our own security not towards war. Our national debt is $14 trillion and needs to be reduced. But instead of cutting programs for seniors and the needy, we should stop spending $130 billion a year on a war that isn’t making us safer. “Over…show more content…
Commentary Our country is protected when our troops are HERE. Not there. “For hundreds of years to express clearly and unambiguously, the legal differences between prevention and preemption” (Woog, Adam 71).They are claiming that being prepared, by sending hundreds of people to another country, putting them at risk is a better idea than to keep them here until the threat hits. “The idea focuses on nullifying threats before being struck” (Woog, Adam )How are they protecting us, off of our territory? “The nation cannot afford to wait; moving too slowly would render our self defence unit useless” (Woog, Adam 71 ) Keeping our troops in foreign countries simply is just ASKING for people to attack our

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