Persuasive Essay: Should We Use Animals For Scientific Testing

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The use of animals in labs started when a man named Harvey used different species of mammals to display blood circulation through the body. As time went on, science and medicine began to evolve, resulting in more animals being used for scientific testing. With this rise in animal testing came an uprise in citizens concerned about the wellbeing of these animals. In order to keep the public calm, the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed by parliament in 1873 installing guidelines for the use of animals in labs. This was the start of many Acts passed on behalf of animals used in the lab. Even though this may have been a good solution at the time, technology has advanced to the point where this medieval process can be completely eliminated. Millions of animals are tortured for the benefits of humans even though scientists have discovered new and better ways to test their products. Because there are alternate techniques; therefore, animals should not be used in scientific testing since it is cruel, inconsistent, and only causes more harm.
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Animals can feel just as much pain, loss, and fear as any human yet scientists continue to expose them to inhumane experiments. If scientists keep wasting their time on the same outdated methods they will impede the discovery of life saving technology. Scientists could find countless cures in less time by using new methods versus continuing to test on innocent animals. Millions of lives could be saved yet the majority of scientists refuse to evolve with the science. Adding the fact that using animals has proven to be a dangerous and unreliable procedure, it is no wonder that people are supporting the elimination of this tired system. In order to improve the lives of millions of people from around the world, scientists need to eradicate animal testing and new, more effective methods need to be put in
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