Zoos Should Be Stopped

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Zoos Must be Stopped! Should Zoos be illegal? Yes they should, How would it feel to lose a family? Most animals have to face that problem, It is all because of zoos. They kidnap them just so they can put them inside these places just for entertainment. Many animals don’t get to see their families. Instead they just see millions of people staring at them and taking pictures. In other words, Zoos need to be stopped! people who go or even work at zoos could die, These places are also known to abuse or shoot the animals, and most importantly zoos are known to kidnap animals from their habitats. Zoos have a lot of circus shows that happen there, but there will always be mistakes while there going on and those mistakes could lead to them dying. animals could get scared of humans so much that they would not know how to react, so instead of doing nothing they would try their best to get away from everyone, since they are trying to run a show they would keep the animals inside, the animals would have to fight their way out. no-one would know what the animals are thinking about. According to Safe for Animals, about 26 people die in zoos every year. In addition, Samantha Kudeweh is a zookeeper from Hamilton. Unfortunately she died due to the Sumatran Tigers. Samantha was going to…show more content…
But they are just killing and making the animals fear everyone. About 5000 healthy animals are put down at zoos if they don't cooperate or if they do something wrong. In other words, zoos are the biggest nightmare for animals. Zoos have kept many secrets from everyone, which is very scary. In fact the scariest thing is that people die in zoos when they are trying to perform a show for others, animals are put down or abused at zoos, but most importantly animals are taken away from their homes. Animals are just like humans they are not toys they should be free and live how they want to, before they get their revenge on
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