Persuasive Essay: Shut Down Your Screen Week

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Shut down your screen” week is something our school should take part in. It would be very helpful, even if it’s just for a week. It could service us in the future, it helps us communicate with our teachers and peers, and it will keep us concentrated. Participating in “Shut down your screen” week will assist students remember the material. Most people when they read out of books remember what they read, but when they read e-book or a power-point don’t remember as much. There was a group of Columbia University students that wanted to see if book or, e-books were better. They had 150 people read from a book, and 150 people read the same material but in a different book. They were all in the ages between 12 and 56 years old. Then they asked them…show more content…
When they disseminate with other peers and teachers it helps you understand what to assists them with since you would know what they might be having trouble with. If they have their phones out they won’t be paying attention they would just be busy on our phones. So many students fail but they don’t converse with their teachers, last year, 56% of students in America failed and they all said they were not interacting with the teacher because they were communicating with their friends on their phones. Along with helping enlighten it would help them not be distracted. Not being distracted by your cell phones or other devices, keeps you concentrated. Some people may think that phones aren’t a big deal because teachers don’t even let them use it during classes; however students can be very sneaky and use it anyways to get no work done. 75% of the students in the United States of America are distracted by their phone even when the teacher does not allow the phones to be in use during school hours. Using their phones when they are not supposed too can cause them to fail their classes since they are not paying any attention to the school work. In conclusion the “shut down your screen” week will only benefit us very much. We would know remember more of what we were taught, help us communicate with others, and will keep us concentrated. This project will only give us an advantage in
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