Smartphone Advantages

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When I walk into AT&T, I’m overwhelmed with the wide variety of cells phones to chose from. It’s not a very hard decision though because I already know that i want a smartphone. Smartphones are the best option because it can help you organize your entire life. Smartphones can give you the ability to contact people in many different ways. They also, can keep you up to date on everything going on around the world. All of these reasons are why I think smartphones are the best option. To begin with, smartphones can keep you organized. You can download many free apps to help keep your life in order. When you get a smartphone, there is already a calendar app that just comes with the phone. Within that app, there is a monthly calendar and there is a yearly calendar. If you go to the month, and you have something to do, you can put it on the day and time it has to be done. Another app, is the alarm…show more content…
There is the most generic way, just to call someone, but smartphones give you many more method to allow you to make contact with someone. If you don 't have their number, you can always just email them. Email is a great why to contact people about work and many other things. Furthermore, if you just have a quick question for someone, you could text them. Now, on other phones you can text people, but on smartphones it doesn’t take forty-five years just to text one word. On a smartphone, you have the entire keyboard letter by letter and punctuation by punctuation laid out in front of you. You don’t have to hit the same button three times just to get one letter like on a flip phone. This makes a smartphone way easier to use. Social media also gives you many ways to contact someone. For example, if you have Snapchat, you could snap someone, or if you have Instagram, you can direct message someone, and the same is for Facebook. In sum, the amazing features of a smartphone by far outweigh the few features on a flip
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