Persuasive Essay Smoking

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The statement “Smoking seriously harms you and others around you” on each cigarette package is no world news. Smoking is the number one inevitable cause of death and it is estimated that the rate of death due to cigarette smoking kills up to half of it users globally. That is more human lives than traffic accidents, drug use, alcohol, suicide and AIDS are harvesting together. Smoking has serious consequences and if cigarettes had been invented today they would be illegal because of the consequences they bring. Moreover, there are still people who choose to smoke, even though they are aware of how unhealthy smoking can be. However, smoking does not only affect the smoker itself. Second-hand smoke has killed nearly 2,500,000 non-smokers since 1964 because non-smokers breathe in the same toxic chemicals just like smokers do. As a consequence of this, smoking should be prohibited.

Lao Tzu once said “Watch your habits, they become character” and this quote fits very well because smoking is a worldwide phenomenon. The nicotine has a huge impact on the brain 's reward system. Nicotine is certainly a highly addictive drug and it is considered to affect the nervous system by binding to receptors in the brain. The receptors release signal substances, including dopamine in the brain 's reward system, which creates a nicotine kick.

Nowadays, it is well known that smoking can cause cancer. Normal cells that divide have a braking system and the P53 gene plays an important role in
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