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Today, it is a common scenario to see smokers everywhere puffing smoke into the air, may it be for fashion or to have innovative ideas. “Smoking is injurious to health” -these words are always displayed on television, public places, etc. so that the educated youth of today are aware of cigarettes being harmful to their own health as well as the people around them. Smoking affects not only the health of human beings, but also pollutes the air, water, soil, etc. and degrades the environment. In spite of the effects of smoking being so apparent, there are some who favor smoking as a means to enhance creativity and as a fashion statement. Smoking should be banned in the public places because it will prevent the health of people getting adversely affected and also prevent damage to the environment. First of all, the proponents claim that the banning of smoking in public places would contribute to the prevention of harmful effects of smoking on health of people around. Normally, when a smoker smokes a cigarette the second hand smoke is inhaled by the people around him. Although they do not actively smoke, they are subjected to the second hand smoke and its harmful effects. On the basis of the per the studies done by the Medical field, it has been derived that smoking is and can be injurious not only to the one who smokes, but also the non-smokers around. It is also proved that smoking tobacco, which has serious compounds such as carcinogenic in it, can cause cancers affecting

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