Causes Of Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

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Smoking Should be Banned in Public Cigarettes contain a large number of chemicals and toxins, which mainly include nicotine and carbon monoxide. In addition, a substance called dioxin contamination led to the animal feed, which causes cancer. People of different age groups smoke cigarettes on daily basis as they might take it as to be cool especially in youngsters mind and being up to date with modern day society. Although a lot of awareness campaigns warn people that smoking destroys their health, they continue to smoke. Smoking contains about fifty carcinogen or carcinogenic and dozens of other toxic and harmful substances; therefore a lot of developed countries have made laws that prohibits smoking in public places, which obliges everyone to respect these decisions. Smoking cigarettes should not be banned in public areas because some people may think it is against personal freedom. However, smoking is highly injurious to our health as it causes lung diseases in children who inhale the smoke and is very harmful to pregnant ladies, there is no reason why smoking should not be banned in public places.
The primary reason is
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Some people think smoking should be banned because according to them it is limited claimed freedom." According to telcontar," the problem with freedom is that as we don’t live isolated from other people, the decisions we make in our lives will inevitably affect the lives of others. While we might be free to live our lives as we please, only truly selfish people will ignore the effects we have on others’ lives. Smoking is one activity whose effects are not limited to one’s own life. If someone dies of smoking, they will rob their friends and families of a loved one." Therefore, it is very wrong that smoking should be allowed in public , this claim to freedom is not acceptable as it causes harm to people who do not even smoke keeping in mind its
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