Smoking In Public Places Essay

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The harmfulness of tobacco smoking is not in doubt, as long as this modest pleasure is harmful to human body due to the toxic nature of cigarettes. Previously, people considered smoking to be the vice of a single person, his or her personal decision (Viens 94). Nevertheless, in recent years, this issue raised public concern due to the fact that it has a harmful effect on people around smokers. Thus, tobacco is harmful not only for its consumers, but also for second-hand smokers. These ideas caused the emergence of smoking prevention actions and prohibition of tobacco use in indoor public places. The precise examining the results of these governmental policies would help to draw conclusion whether to ban smoking in other places like cars, homes, workplaces and streets, where people are exposed to involuntary smoking, as well.
The Effect of Second-hand Smoking
The main reason for the smoking
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Imprisonment or penalties for smoking at their personal houses or at the open spaces where they may disturb another person by smoking is an invasion into personal life (Viens 82). Moreover, willingness to be exposed to potential dangerous may be a way for self-expression. For instance, people renounce wearing helmets when riding a bike, although it is forbidden (Ferguson 267). These issues add a new aspect to understanding the potential prohibition of smoking in public places – taking into consideration the personality of people who harm others by their personal choice. That is why it should be not a public, but a private matter. Every smoker should act in an ethical way to those, who surround him or her. Thus, promoting respect to other people’s lives and raising the conscientiousness of the public, will help to gain more consideration to the prohibition and would reduce the level of resistance of this law among
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