Smoking Persuasive Research Paper

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Over 10 people die from smoking every minute. Some people think it 's okay to smoke, they also think I doesn’t hurt them. But smoking is one of the main deaths in the U.S. Even though people know that smoking is not good for your health. There are so many people that die from smoking, the stuff inside cigarettes are the things that get you addicted and kills you, and it affects you body in so many ways.
Over 480,000 people die from smoking each year. Many people die from smoking because they don’t realize how bad it is for them. Alcohol, car accidents, guns, and illegal drugs have caused less death combined than smoking alone. That 's crazy how 4 different things cause less deaths than smoking. 1 Lung cancer is also a huge way of dying, people who smoke are likely to get lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes causes 30% of deaths in the
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All the chemicals smoker put into their body 's are actually really surprising. Cigarettes contain tar which is the black stuff you see on the roads. Also nicotine makes you crave more cigarettes. Your body loves the nicotine but it is super bad for your health. 1 People who smoke put thousands of chemicals into their bodies every time the smoke one cigarette. Smokers put bad chemicals into their body every time they smoke. Beryllium is used for nuclear reactors. Benzene is a poison used for wood preservatives. Arsenic is a type of poison. All of those things are super bad for you. 1 Everyone who smokes knows how many chemicals they are putting into their bodies every time they smoke. Therefor they put the chemicals inside their bodies because of the nicotine. It controls you, once you start is hard to quit. Cadmium is used for batteries. Ortho toluidine is used to kill weeds. You are putting these things into your body. It 's not good for it. 1 When you put all the chemicals into your body it really affects the way you look and also the way you

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