Persuasive Essay: Social Networking Is A Go !

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Social Networking is a Go! Have someone ever posted something on social media that probably shouldn’t have been posted? Sometimes it can lead to not pursuing the job people want or earning people's way into the College of peoples dreams just because something someone posted was inappropriate. Jobs and Colleges are cracking down on people and don’t want them in the job environment or at their school for many reasons. Although a lot of Jobs and Colleges don’t check peoples social media and sometimes it will come up as a problem. Jobs and Colleges should be able to look at social networking sites to have an understanding of someone. Jobs can check on people's social media to find out if you are fit for the job.8% of the potential employees that were rejected as a result of information found on search engines and networking sites were rejected…show more content…
Some of the most serious disadvantages of social networking involve privacy. (Currie 26). The benefits of social networking are easy to see. For one, sites like Facebook have allowed people to stay in close touch with distant friends and family members(Currie 26). When applying for a job, trying to in contact with people can be hard, but it can also be easier when a job can contact people easier. Sharing a photo with people who live miles away, for example, once required making prints for the picture and mailing out copies(Currie 26). Sharing photos with people or posting photos that are inappropriate can make peoplelose a job or not wangle into a college. Social networking has also helped people connect with old friends and acquaintances(Currie 26). Connecting with old friends can be careless because they can bring up poor habits and make people achieve foolish decisions but also It could be wonderful. social networking isn’t all rough it can be used for, excellence but there are a lot of
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