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Hope for Our Future Generations:
Should Spanking Be Outlawed? Have you ever talked back to your parents? Hit one of your siblings? If you have, there’s is a 4/5 chance that you have been spanked at one point or another. Spanking is one of the many ways in which parents, all over the planet, discipline their children. Now, many people think spanking is crude and vile, while producing little to no results, and should therefore be illegal in the United States. Potential effects of severe spankings include antisocial behavior and aggression, although results are inconclusive (Walsh 81). Banning spanking has been on the minds of people all over the world, several countries such as Sweden and Argentina have even managed to succeed in doing so. However, I am here to argue
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This encouragement is needed for the sole reason that, when done correctly, spanking builds children into respectable, and overall dutiful people, while also teaching them lessons that they’ll use throughout their lives.
To most it is understandable that at times spanking can seem like it doesn’t help the child at all, it may even seem as if the parents are only scaring them. However, spanking is not as simple as an angry, aggressive open hand to the buttocks (Gary Bartlett, An Argument Against Spanking, 65). First of all, the guardian’s intentions should be directed toward the well-being of the child. For example, in
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One of the main things parents focus on in their child, is their character. Dr. James Dobson, an American author and psychologist, supports this in his book “The New Dare to Discipline” by stating the following:
I believe that if it is desirable for children to be kind, appreciative and pleasant, those qualities should be taught—not hoped for. If we
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