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Have you ever told your child that you disapproved of them playing sports? Many parents have made this decision in the past so don’t feel alone in your argument. But I believe that parents should not automatically reject their children’s desire to play sports without considering the multitude of life lessons that can be learned from sports. There is a big misconception of how the coaches treat the education of the student athletes. I personally have never seen a coach who cared more about the athletic ability of a student rather than the development of their character and education. These coaches will create a relationship with your student and make sure that every decision your student make’s is in their best interest. In addition to this,…show more content…
This skill may prove itself to be useful later in life if these athletes are involved in the workforce. This is because while you have a job, any person who has authority over you will set goals for you, and if you do not complete these goals you will be seen as a failure. Also, these coaches are training your kids to be hard workers later in life by pushing them to the best of their abilities and treating them with extreme discipline. Without that lesson being taught, your student may never know just how important it is to put the maximum amount of effort you can while trying to accomplish any goal. Another vital lesson that can be learned from playing sports is how to overcome diversity. This can be seen when a certain team has people waging in their failure, and they end up accomplishing their goals in spite of what the vast majority expected. Above all others, the importance of unification can be learned from playing sports. To explain, unification is learned in sports because people from all different walks of life bond together to become one team working to achieve one goal. If these teams were to separate, and every person had their own, selfish goal, the team would be torn apart. In support of all these life lessons, a study
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