Persuasive Essay: Stories On Friendship And Forgiveness

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Stories on Friendship and Forgiveness

Want your child to master the art of forgiveness? Read on to find inspiring stories to learn to forgive and address conflicts with friends.

Friends are such an integral part of your child 's life that they will shape his future character, more than you do as parents - the latest research says. Your child 's friends mean a lot to her, and only by interacting with her friends, she gains important social skills and learns to address conflicts. Conflicts are part-and-parcel of everyday life, but a child who is capable of managing conflicts tends to be happier and do better at school.

Elementary age children often lock horns for simple reasons that may seem silly to an adult 's eye. They do it because
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The lion named Narasimha and the tiger called Pulideva are friends since their childhood, so the difference in their appearances never comes in the way of their friendship. On the mountain above their cave lives a well-learned holy man named Chatrugna who maintains peace in the surrounding forest.

The two friends get into a pointless argument one day. Narasimha emphasizes that the cold weather comes during the waning phase of the moon. Pulideva brushes him off and says that it is the waxing of the moon that brings cold weather. The argument escalates, but they both stand their ground and don 't budge. When matters get worse to name calling, they decide to take the matter to Chatrugna.

The friends pay their respects to the hermit and narrate the issue. Chatrugna listens to their story patiently and points out that both are right in their theory because the cold weather is not brought by the waning or waxing of the moon but by the wind flowing from North, East and West directions. The old man also declares that their lifelong friendship must remain strong through thick and thin. The friends realise their foolishness and continue to live in harmony.

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