Suicide And Suicide Essay

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In this world that we are living, someone out there must be depressed to the point that he or she would prefer to die than to deal with his or her problems. It is a waste to take one’s own life for a temporary problem. Some people would attempt to kill themselves thinking that they do not need to live in this world anymore. Suicide and attempted suicide is something that should never be neglected.
What is suicide? Suicide is defined as the act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living (Meriam-Webster Dictionary). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 800,000 people die through suicide annually. The suicide rates increase every year. A lot of people have considered ending their lives due to the current situation
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“Bully victims are two to nine times more to consider suicide than non-bully victims” ( Bullying can greatly affect individuals. Victims of bullying tend to be self-conscious because of the negative comments they have acquired. All the negative comments that the victim receives could result to self-loathing. In some cases, the victim could not take it anymore and see suicide as the only way to escape the humiliation and pain they are experiencing. Most of the victims would usually attempt to kill themselves because it is their way to tell people that something is wrong and they need help. Most people that are bullied may feel depressed and hopeless in their current…show more content…
There is a tendency for suicide to run in the family (Goldston & Compton, 2010). There are many people who attempted suicide used to have family members with depression. Having mental illnesses can be a cause of suicide because they have a difficulty in building relationships. Many people use drugs and alcohol to escape the painful situation that they are currently experiencing. An individual who uses drugs and alcohol may get addicted to it. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can make an individual more depressed which can lead to suicidal attempts and may succeed taking his or her own

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