Personal Narrative: Kauai, Hawaii

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Don’t you want to be relaxing by the beach, drink in hand, not a care in the world? Well lucky for you, I know just the place! Kauai, Hawaii is the perfect place for you. This tropical paradise has the power to make your worries fade away, and entice you in the best ways possible. Now I must admit, taking a vacation to Kauai might be a little costly but it is definitely worth it. A plane ticket to Kauai is approximately $525, but it is pretty far away so it’s not a bad price. Staying in a resort (depending on the quality and time spent there) can vary anywhere from a couple hundred to $600. Now you might be thinking $600 thats a lot. That is just a range of prices, and the higher end is for very nice places like villas and mansions to rent.…show more content…
Whether you are getting hawaiian food, or any other type, it is all exquisite. If you are looking for more traditional food, there are many things you can try. Some of these things include, Poi, Laulau, Kalua Pig, Poke, Chicken Long Rice, and Lomi-lomi salmon. I personally liked the Chicken Long Rice the best. The chicken was succulent and the rice went incredibly well with the chicken. My other favorite was the Kalua Pig. The dish overall was bursting with flavor and, fed basically my whole family of 21! While some of these may sound weird or unappetizing, I guarantee that they are scrumptious. However, if you aren’t interested in trying that, there are plenty of other great things to eat. Some other types of food are, Japanese, Thai, American (burgers, sandwiches, etc.), Persian, etc. The local service on the island is incredible! Everyone is super amicable and helpful. All of the servers at the restaurants, and even the people working where we were staying were wonderfully considerate. They offered to give us directions, help with our bags, give the best places to eat, etc. Furthermore, even the people living there were so helpful and welcoming. During our time in Kauai, we had gotten lost, and had to pull over in a small town. The locals were so friendly and helped us find our way, and even pointed us in the direction of a beautiful…show more content…
There so many to choose from, including, biking down a volcano, participating in a Luau, taking a snorkeling boat ride, and off-roading. Taking a bike ride down a volcano was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Even though I had to get up and leave at one in the morning it was worth it. I got to see the sunrise from 10,000 feet above sea level, and got to ride down the volcano. The sunrise was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It looked like swirls of orange and pink. It almost looked like sherbert. The snorkeling boat trip was also wonderful. The water was turquoise, and the fish were almost neon they were so bright. All of these excursions were marvelous and I would definitely recommend all of them. The weather in Kauai is absolutely incredible! The temperature fluctuates, but stays between 70° Fahrenheit and 90° Fahrenheit most of the time. It also depends on what season it is. In the winter, the temperature usually stays in the 70’s. Where in the summer it mostly stays between 78 and 90 degrees fahrenheit. It is the perfect weather for hanging out at the beach/pool or, going hiking. I would personally recommend going in the summer or spring just because it is a little warmer, and if you get cold easily the beach may not be an option. Although, the weather is nice year
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