What Are The Possible Solutions To Bullying Essay

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Beaten, hurt, depressed, sad, and suicidal. What do all of these have in common? They are all effects of bullying. Little Timmy, a student, is a part of the unfortunate bullying and has been continually bullied through physical contact and emotional slander at his new school. The bullying continues for weeks and no solutions seem to be permanent. How can we make these solutions become permanent? Will Little Timmy get the relief he needs?

Bullying nationwide did not happen overnight, so why has it become so blown up and turned into a never-ending problem over the past decade? Our grandparents and parents have dealt with bullies during their lifetime and endured it. Why is it so important now that we find a solution to bullying when people have lived and dealt with it for years without a solution? These are some questions asked from people that do not see bullying for the problem it is. Other people believe that bullying only occurs because victims let it, and that children should learn to stand up for themselves. They believe that the world is a tough place, and that people should be prepared to face those obstacles by being exposed to some ‘tough-love’ from
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It is breathtaking to think that the first time you are bullied happens around the first time you learn to spell your name and that all of us have had to witness a bullying. Research shows that most bullying occurs during the adolescent period of eleven to sixteen. Some reasons why are because bullies at this age are “immature” or that this age group is full of “easy targets.” Another reason might be because older kids bully younger kids because they have “power” over them. Also this age is a “tricky time” and that “teenagers want to fit in with their peers” so bullying may be an easy way to prove they are

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