Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Adoption

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Around 135,000 children are adopted in the US every year and 43% of children live in low-income families or are close to living in poverty (National Center for Children). Adoption is a very positive action and one of the greatest ways to help children get into nice and loving homes with parents that will respect and care for them. It also gives families the opportunity to share their inspiring stories with children who would want to hear them. Finally, adoption contributes and helps society in many ways that makes the world become a better place.. Adoption is a beneficial and a necessary option because it helps children, families, and the world. In order to know why adoption is a beneficial and necessary option, it is important to first learn about the history of adoption. According to (The Adoption History Project) the first “Modern” adoption law was passed in Massachusetts and enacted in…show more content…
Adoption is a necessary option for everyone because it helps families who can’t conceive children of their own, or because they want more. The first way it can help families is when the mother isn’t able to have children. The first initial reason that adoption helps families is if married couples can’t have kids. Mothers are always disappointed in themselves when they aren’t able to have children (“Interracial Adoption”), and infertility can add stress to relationships and households. Adoption can be a great way to renew their happiness. Many parents are able to have the opportunity to change a child's life by changing theirs as well. Mothers also aren’t maybe able to produce children because of any sort of injury, or being too old to have children (“Champions”). Adoption can always be a great idea for families that are going through this struggle. This means that adoption can help many couples enlarge their families with children that are loving, respectful, and warm
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