Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Blood Donation

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Can you take a time and imagine for a while when you in the situation that you have to wait for something that really, really important to you? Waiting for the only thing that can give you a chance to keep survives in this world. If you or your loved ones who was fighting in an emergency room because bleeding a lot in surgery and needed a blood so urgently. But the blood supply does not enough and there’s not matching with you. It is not nice to imagine right? But these happened in a real life, and some of us may have experienced them already. But most of people especially in Malaysia still not take this issue as an important issue for them. Maybe it is because it not happens to them yet, so they not take it seriously. Now I would like to explain to you why we should do a blood donation regularly, how do we donor our blood and the benefits of our donation. The reasons why we need to donate blood regularly are because the high demand for blood supply in our country and the need for blood donors become increasing. The statistic shows that the patient needs a blood for every 3 seconds and the patients admitted to the hospitals never decrease for every year. There’s no substitute for blood because we could not produce a…show more content…
It is true because I found lots of benefits from blood donation, whether for a donor and for a recipient. The blood donation not only can save people’s life, the donors also get many unexpected health benefits when they do blood transfusion regularly. One of them is it can reduce the iron overload in our body as lower the risk of cancer and risk of liver and heart diseases. It also can reduce obesity cause of weight losses when we donate blood regularly. Besides that, we can save lives of people in emergency cases such as patient in surgeries, cancer patients, women in complication when delivered baby. So by giving our blood, we can certainly give life to

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