Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Trade School

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When small children, around the age of four, finally gain the capacity to retain information, communicate, and form more complex thoughts they are sent away to school eight hours a day, seven days a week for fourteen years. This is a mass expenditure of time and resources, and to ensure that all functioning members of society are properly educated so they may not only be able to assist in the functionality of our day to day wants and needs, but to be able to achieve a position in today’s work force that an individual truly may find something they are find fulfilling. However, we are only required to participate in the process of education up to receiving a GED or a high school diploma. Despite how much time, effort, and money you and your loved ones have invested into acquiring these certifications, for the most part all of the available jobs that you may receive at this level is a low paying job that may include, manual labor, long hours, repetition, or other unpleasant working environments. Don’t waste the first eighteen years of your life by not going the extra mile to further open your possibilities of your future and don’t risk it all by going to a trade school and only focusing on one skill that may or may not work out in the end and that definitely does not provide you with any…show more content…
Trade school cannot provide the same transformative experience as college can. Plus if you do not invest in the prestige of a college diploma you may still be able to achieve your dream job with the education that a trade school gives you. But you will never be able to live up to your full potential in that field, because there will always be a more fulfilling, higher paying position offered to someone who has proof of their commitment, knowledge, and resolve that it takes to receive a college
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