Process Essay: Challenges Of Starting Out In Photography

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Challenges of Starting out in Photography

Photography, well it all begins with passion. A temptation, like a physical desire which is almost irresistible leads you to become a photographer. It is this very same passion that acts as a fuel to the fire that burns in you as your creativity. It doesn’t take long for this motivation to help you leap and cover the interval till you become a pro photographer. Nothing in your life gave you the satisfaction, quite as photography does. It becomes impossible to imagine your life with absence of a camera; your whole being starts to revolve around your equipment and snapped portraits. This passion is what keeps you amped up, drives you to push and move forward no matter how turbulent the times become.
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The journey that you embark on before finally reaching the destination is laden with trails and hurdles. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of them and suggest you ways to conquer them like a superstar.
1. Knowledge, Talent and Experience:
When you start off fresh, with no background in photography, not enough knowledge, experience with you, things will get difficult for you. But hey, these obstacles are the easiest to overcome. All you need to do is, use your motivation and do research, read books and blogs on photography. Go on YouTube, Flicker, and Tumblr. Get yourself familiar with the craft, experiment with your camera. You might suck at the beginning, but you’ll learn through each mistake. You will improve, and get better. You just have to be determined and willing to learn if you plan to be a successful photographer.
2. Economy:
Almost everyone on the planet earth is facing this issue. Inflation and escalated prices of everything pose a very harsh terrain for any start up business to bloom. Photographers are also suffering from this downfall of economy. Still, there is opportunity for you to shine. Be innovative; present your ideas and portraits in a unique way. Represent your true self. Stand out from the rest of the pack and you will outdo your
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