Should Animal Testing Be Used For Research

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Humans use makeup for special occasions and medicine to help with a sickness. Due to this scientist try to make new makeup and new medicine, and they do this with animals. From a diversity of animal species, to animals of all ages are used in terrifying research and tests. Over 100 million animals die each year just from make up, medical research and testing. Some people hate rodents including mice and rats, but using them for testing is not okay. Horses, cats, dogs, bird and even fish are now used in testings. These animals were just a few of the hundreds used for the research and testing. Animal testing should be prohibited because it’s cruel and inhumane, animals are being tortured while in those labs, and the experiments are wasting animals…show more content…
For example the US law allows animals in labs to be starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and even brain-damaged on purpose. Painkillers are not forced or required in experiments, and they aren 't often used. Most animals are used in testing including pigs, dogs, cats, fish, mice are just a few of many animals used in testing. They don 't only use an assortment of animals, they also use young animals including babies. Equally, important most test results are irrelevant, if they do pass the animal testing they usually won 't pass the first human test. We still use animals for testing when we still do a first human testing. If it passes the animal testing with a few side effects, it goes onto human testing, and usually human side effects are worse than the animal side effects. Besides irrelevant animal testing, most animals used in labs were also born in the labs or will birth their babies in these labs. Even worse these animals only know 3 things. And those 3 things are pain. The first pain is animals in pain will get drugs to help with that pain (this is 339,769 animals in labs), animals in pain will get no drugs (this is 97,123 animals in labs) and finally animals in no pain get no drugs (this is 697,801 animals in labs). Due to all this pain animals in laboratories are always scared, and they try to be on high…show more content…
An estimate of 150 million animals are harmed and killed from experiments and testing. Scientists infect animals, even baby animals with human diseases. Some animals die hours after their first test. Others die while the test is still going on. If we used plants such as some overpopulated flowers, or grass we could help out the test subject animals. But instead we still continue to use animals. If we would just use human cells and over populated plants, we could save a million upon millions of animals each year. Animals are being hurt on purpose. Kittens are being purposely blinded, mice get tumors as big as their bodies, rats get seizures, primate skulls are cut open and electronics get implanted. Animals of all ages hide when humans pass their cages, because they don 't know if the will be dragged out of their cage injected, tested on, blood withdrawn, unnecessary surgery, or
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