The Dangers Of Cyberbullying Essay

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People are being treated badly on the internet, and as a result, a substantial amount of the population does not realize it. Writing something rude about someone can hurt them emotionally. This can change the way someone might feel about him or herself – causing them to feel insecure. This might lead to someone having suicidal thoughts. Individuals should be prosecuted for statements made on social media. Statements made on social media can cause more than just emotional pain; it can also cause physical pain. Children/Adolescents can get injured because of cyberbullying. In “The Dangers of Cyberbullying” it says “Cyberbullying can also lead to kids getting physically hurt”. Cyberbullying can make a person feel less human, which could lead to them…show more content…
They think people can just stop using the internet from the moment when they are called names. In “Sacrificing the First Amendment to catch Cyberbullies” it says “Children should be educated to manage and avoid offensive situations on the Internet. If the child in question can’t handle that, they should not use the Internet. It is that simple.” This is wrong because it is not that simple to just “unplug”, since they might still be further bullied, without them knowing, and would want to know what people are saying about them. Another fact is shown in the: text “The Dangers of Cyberbullying,” it says “Technology has become an essential part of our society and our homes’ use of technology has extended beyond being just simple entertainment”. This means that children/adolescents use technology for basic things, so they will be tempted to use the device to check their social media. Individuals should be prosecuted for cyberbullying because they shouldn’t be able to just get away with making someone else have negative emotions about themselves and as a result, end their lives because of how someone might have made fun of them and made them feel less
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