Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Mobile Phones In Schools

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I have picked artificial intelligence to write my persuasive essay on. I have chosen to write it on this because artificial intelligence is becoming bigger and bigger every year and could control our lives in years to come but for some people it has already took them over. The subject of this is that school pupils are failing because of artificial intelligence. Parents and teachers are starting to blame artificial intelligence on why pupils are failing tests, final exams etc. The big problem that they are facing is because so many pupils are spending to much time on their mobile phones, using social media and playing games and not so much time on their studying out of school. Too many teenagers are addicted to there mobile phones and are missing out on life that is why I feel schools should be much stricter with mobile phones. There are some pros of having phones in school and that is if they are in need help and can phone someone for an emergency, can talk to there friends from other schools at break and lunch, it is also very good if you need to research something related to your topic and don’t have enough computers or if you…show more content…
There has been a lot of talk in politics on trying to get school to ban mobile phones there has also been debates on this issue also. 72% of the public feel that the United Kingdom should follow the U.K in banning mobile phones and 28% say that it shouldn’t according to a survey done by TES. TES also ran another survey asking the same amount of people if schools should be much more stricter with mobile phones and not ban them this got a result of 76% yes and 24% no which going by these surveys shows that the public would rather school being much more stricter rather than schools banning phones

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