Dangers Of Secondhand Smoking Essay

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Dangers Of Secondhand Smoking “Secondhand smoke is the third leading cause of preventative death in the United States. For every eight smokers that smoking kills they take one non-smoker with them” -Adrienne Herron Some people think secondhand smoking isn’t bad for other people around them. It is, secondhand smoking kills the non-smokers and children around them. Second Hand smoking can kill up to any living thing that is around the person that is burning a tobacco product. Even animals. When a single smoker blows out the smoke of a smoking product, thousands of other people are at more harm to diseases. Every 5.5 minutes a person loses its life due to the smoke from a tobacco product. Second hand smoking kills more than the smoker. The health effects on children being around a smoker is serious. A single child can be just as harmed…show more content…
For an average of 5.5 people lose a life from a smoker’s smoke. Each day a single person is sent to the hospital for help of breathing, chest pain, etc. On a 5.5 average a good percentage of those people are children that live at home with a smoker. People are careless to smoke around minors. As these kids breathe in the toxic they will more likely end up smoking as an adult. 4 Living with a smoker can give a non smoker a greater chance of develop lung cancer faster than the smoker. Other than the children living with a smoker a regular adult can be more at risk. Just like a child they would produce the same symptoms but more risk of lung cancer by 20%. 6 All the chemicals in a single cigarette only so many cause cancer. When you light a cigarette, the heat makes a chemical reaction with the hundreds of chemicals already inside it. As the cigarette turns to ash the 70 of the chemicals enter your body and can produce cancer. The chemicals are toxic enough to kill you. 5 If you don’t want your child to follow in your footsteps, start with not smoking around
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