Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Smoking In The Public

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There has been much discussion about smoking in public places, and how smoking affects our health even if we were not smokers. Studies have shown that there are a lot of injuries because of public smoking. People who support no smoking in public places, people are well aware that smoking is harmful to adults and young people and smoking is spreading rapidly to non-smoking by breathing. However, there are some people who do not agree with banning smoking in public places because they thinks it’s a personal freedom and they don’t care about people who would harm them smoking. Smoking should be banned in all public places because the smoker is hurting the non-smoking people unintentionally, and also smoking is factors that cause harm to the environment.

The number of smokers increases every year, in spite of their knowledge of the danger of smoking that they choose to smoke. Smoking in public it should be banned because it affects us and on our health and that cause disease. There is a big danger to the children at the age of growing they look to the smokers and may think they are right, but the kids do not realize the right things or the wrong. People who breathe secondhand smoke suffer from the same diseases that affect the smoker, so that they suffer diseases such as shortness of breath, bronchitis, asthma, and inflammation of the middle ear. Also nicotine levels in the bodies of the children of smokers are higher than normal levels even if the parents separate smoking

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