Persuasive Essay: The Effects Of Drinking Coffee

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Did you know that coffee was the second most consumed commodity behind water? It is where most of you who are drinking this every morning, snacks, or even after dinner. The aroma of the coffee is awesome and can’t be denied, as it’ll tempt you to drink it once and for all. It was best combined with any pastry meal or biscuits.

In today’s era, coffee was already used for mixing it with other consumables like ice cream, candy, cakes, and frappes. Even sodas right now have caffeine content. In other words, it was all about innovation and creativity. However, there is a catch when it comes to drinking coffee. If you drink too much of that, chances are it’ll raise your blood pressure, reduce quality sleeping time, anxiety, headaches, gain weight and so on.

Nothing wrong about that, you know? However, you just simply try to moderate yourself in drinking coffee every single day. But there’s one question that you need to ask for yourself.

Is it possible for you to survive without drinking coffee?

If you’re not a coffee drinker, good for you. But if you are, it’s not going to be as easy as you think once you’re getting tempted in the aroma of the coffee. There are some benefits that you can expect in terms of drinking coffee.

• Getting addicted to coffee could cost you dollars per year if taking it every single day. Without drinking coffee, you can save a lot of dollars on your pocket.
• Without drinking coffee, it would improve your sleep quality.
• If you don’t drink coffee,

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